Digital tax return for private individuals

Until now, preparing an annual tax return involved collecting receipts and other supporting documents throughout the year and presenting them to the tax consultant in paper form. These documents then remained with the tax consultant during tax preparation as well as after the tax return was submitted to the German Tax Office, in case they requested to see certain documents. During this time, the taxpayer had no access to his/her documents.


In addition to submitting the tax return to the tax authorities in paper form, receipts and supporting documents were also transmitted to them by e-mail or through different non-certified cloud services, for which data security could not be assured.

We offer:

  • Making the DATEV Meine Steuern (My Taxes) available to the taxpayer so that he/she can digitally collect receipts and other bookkeeping documents
  • Prepare your tax return
  • All communication with the German Tax Office (Finanzamt)
  • Review the final tax assessment

Benefits of digital cooperation using DATEV Meine Steuern:

  • Ability to collect documents digitally in the portal throughout the year 
  • The handing over of all supporting documents doesn’t have to happen anymore during the tax consultant’s opening hours or via postal mail. This eliminates the risk of losing documents. Original documents remain with the taxpayer. 
  • Complete clarity about which documents were submitted in the present tax year and the possibility to see which documents were submitted for the previous tax year.
  • Safety: Receipts, documents and information are exchanged through the certified DATEV cloud – protection against hacking
  • Printing digital receipts creates less waste
  • A consistent, end-to-end digital process