Tax consultancy for private individuals

If you are required to submit a tax return to the German tax authorities (Finanzamt) and you want to do it yourself, you can either find your way through all the necessary tax forms or use various off-the-shelf software solutions. However, if you prefer to receive personal advice for your tax affairs, I stand ready to support you.
In addition to submitting your tax returns with the Finanzamt for periods covering the past, I can also advise you on your plans for the future. This might include a potential career change, an upcoming financial negotiation, or tax issues related to endowments and inheritance.
My guiding principles as your tax advisor are clarity, trust, confidentiality, reliability and continuous training. In addition, mutual trust and candor are prerequisites for a good cooperation, as the exchange of information built on these principles leads to better advice and results.

An initial meeting

I invite you to make an appointment with me for an initial consultation. You can indicate your preference for an appointment by using the online contact form, sending me an email or calling me.