Tax consultancy for entrepreneurs and freelancers

The decision to start your own business will confront you with a wide range of complex issues related to your core business as well as a host of legal requirements that are part of being a business owner. This can be challenging, whether you’re a first-time business owner or already a seasoned entrepreneur, because tax laws and court interpretations can change quickly.
I can take a significant load off your back by taking over part of this responsibility.  I can advise you in setting up your business and also later, once your business is up and running. I also offer all tax services under one roof. I would be delighted to assist you by taking over these tasks, which can be considered unpleasant even for the most experienced business owner. I will also supply you with business analysis that can help you manage your company better and make business decisions.

I can carry out specific tasks or set up tailor-made reports from your financial accounting. My goal is to support you as much or as little as you wish and as your situation requires. If you don’t understand something, never hesitate to ask me; there are never any “dumb questions.” My aim is to be a reliable, understandable and trustworthy partner in any tax and business-related matters.