Services for companies

Every company has to face the challenges of its changing business environment but also of constantly changing laws and regulations. In addition to basic business processes such as procurement, manufacturing and sales, financial accounting and controlling are key business functions. These departments enable a company to fulfill its legal reporting requirement on the one hand and to better manage and plan internal processes on the other. The decision whether to perform these functions in the company or to outsource them often depends on the size of the company.
Depending on your needs, I can take over part or all of your financial accounting and controlling, from wage and salary administration, bookkeeping, the year-end closing, to preparing your company’s tax returns and providing tax advice. In addition, I can prepare the numbers for your internal or external reporting, either on a monthly or quarterly basis.
My career includes many years in auditing and the manufacturing industry, which you will benefit from as my client. This experience allows me to advise you competently and professionally. In addition to assisting you on a regular ongoing basis, I can also provide project support, for example to improve specific business processes, build or scale up your internal control system, and/or support you from time to time with issues around your financial reporting.