Replace originals with scanned documents

Filing and archiving paper receipts and documents in binders in order to fulfill the legal requirements for retention has been the norm for companies and self-employed people.  At the same time, due to the desire to be able to store and find records more easily, accounting records are often already in digital form, or they may already have been received in a digital form. That said, the process for moving to secure archiving or for creating an interface with your tax consultant is often not adequately defined. As a result, the digital versions of original receipts and documents continue to be collected in binders. This takes up space that can often be put to better use.  Through so-called “replacement scanning”, the scanned receipts and records become the originals themselves, and the paper-based accounting records don’t have to be kept anymore.

The condition for using scanning for the purpose of replacing originals is a personalized process documentation in which the work processes and scan processes are defined, determined and explained — from how a document will be entered into the scanning process to when and how the original paper receipt is to be destroyed. Furthermore, you will need an appropriate archiving software that contains an audit-proof archive for the unchangeable storage of the documents.

We offer:

  • Support in creating a personalized process documentation based on a basic template for process documentation by the German Chamber of Tax Consultants (BStBK) and the German Association of Tax Consultants (DStV)
  • Supplying you with an archiving software

Advantages of replacing original records with scanned documents:

  • The accounting records can be accessed anytime and from anywhere
  • Ability to find a document fast due to the simple search function
  • Original records do not need to be retained in their paper form
  • No need to use up space for archiving
  • A secure and recognized archiving system for the purpose of tax audits

Video in German: Replacement scanning with DATEV Unternehmen online

When making use of replacement scanning, it is not necessary to keep original accounting records in their paper form in the future. This video explains under which conditions you can destroy original accounting records after they have been scanned.