Payroll and salary accounting

Remuneration accounting – a sensitive area

Remuneration accounting is a particularly sensitive area in the employer/employee relationship. Payroll and salary accounting is subject to continuous change as a result of changes to the law and contribution rate amendments. Accordingly, I woud like to assist you in preventing accounting errors with IT-based DATEV payroll and salary accounting software.

You are looking for:

  • Dependable and accurate payroll and salary accounting, including the compilation of all necessary reports and statements in the HR area

I offer:

  • IT-based payroll and salary accounting
  • Optionally, information exchange can be managed online via DATEV tools companies online
  • Payment proposal (optionally in the form of a file for electronic banking)
  • Compilation of reports and statements in the area of HR (e.g. reports to health insurance companies, social insurance carriers, professional associations)
  • Compilation of income tax returns

In Germany, pursuant to Art. 108 German Industrial Code [GewO], all commercial employers are obliged to compile a statement of account detailing the composition of remuneration in a comprehensible text format, or in electronic format with hard copy printout. Pursuant to Art. 107 GewO, remuneration is to be calculated and paid out in euros. Accordingly this applies to all employer/employee relationships.


Digital payroll processing

Are you interested in using digital processes for your payroll processing? With DATEV Unternehmen online, that’s no problem. Scan your contracts, changes to contracts or sick notices, upload them, and I’ll do the rest. Then you and your empoloyees will be able to receive digital versions of the analyses. 

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In addition, I can also support you in the following areas: