Digital payroll processing

Payroll processing is typically a very sensitive activity for a company and should therefore only be handled by experts with the necessary expertise and knowledge.  We offer our clients the possibility to significantly simplify the cooperation regarding all the prior and subsequent activities in connection with a payroll run using digital processes.

As part of our digital cooperation, manually capturing wage and salary data into various lists would be replaced by digital data collection. In order to inform us about changes — for example in the master data or in the salaries of individual employees — we provide entry tools that would allow automatically apply the changes directly into our salary calculation program.

You can make all changes and other entries from anywhere, with any end device. Other documents, such as work contracts or proof of enrollment, can be filed in the digital personnel file. The monthly wage and salary analyses are also stored there and are available at any time. 

We offer:

  • Preparation of the monthly payroll and salary processing
  • Managing a digital personnel file, which can be accessed by both the client and the tax advisor
  • Calculation, reporting and proof of income tax and social security charges
  • Preparing monthly analyses about wages and salaries


Advantages of digital payroll processing:

  • As part of a digital personnel file, all data and documents are available at any time
  • The consistent method of transmitting all data and documents simplifies the processes connected with the payroll processing in the company


Video in German: Digital cooperation in financial accounting

Say goodbye to sorting receipts by hand. Find out in this video how you can benefit from the digital exchange of documents with me via DATEV Unternehmen online.
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