Financial accounting

Financial accounting as a basis for business decision-making processes

Financial accounting responsibilities encompass more than merely performing statutory accounting duties – they also constitute an essential component of operational corporate management. Accordingly, in my role, I not only take charge of your financial accounting responsibilities. I also provide essential support in the form of expert knowledge, in terms of ensuring that all business processes are recorded accurately and comprehensively as well as developing analyses. My services ensure not only that statutory requirements are met, but also that you receive a solid and informative basis for your operational decision-making processes.

You are looking for:

  • A financial accounting service that includes VAT advance returns and VAT returns. The additional option of submitting receipts electronically by scan or fax is available.
  • Up-to-date analyses concerning the status of your figures recorded in accounting
  • Payment reminder system support
  • Establishment of structures and processes within your company

I offer:

  • Continuous financial accounting (EDP-supported)
  • Optional submission of electronic receipts via a DATEV tool, DATEV being the software package designed specifically for the tax consultant practice.
  • Compilation of VAT advance returns and also VAT returns
  • Compilation of annual financial statement and cash-basis accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Payment reminders
  • Set-up and maintenance of in-house accounting systems
  • Optimization of processes in in-house accounting
  • Registration for intra-trade statistics (Intrastat)

Pursuant to statutory regulations (e.g. Articles 238 ff. German Commercial Code [HGB]), companies are obliged to provide a proper account of their business processes. For tax assessment purposes, tradespersons, either merchants as defined by the HGB or those who satisfy certain size criteria (pursuant to Art. 141 German Tax Code [AO]), must prepare a separate tax balance sheet.  This requirement can be met only by means of efficient financial accounting, which then provides the basis for compilation of the annual financial statement.