Tax returns

Tax returns submitted to tax authorities by the prescribed deadlines

As a taxpayer, you face the challenge of sifting through mountains of forms and applications. I can save you the bother and take on this work on your behalf. In procedural law, deadlines must also be adhered to, in addition to form rules. Accordingly, I can ensure that these aspects are taken properly into account.

You are looking for:

  • Assistance with compiling and submitting of your tax Returns on time
  • Advice with respect to tax structuring (e.g. in the case of renting and leasing)

I offer comprehensive tax return services:

  • Income tax returns for individuals, sole traders and freelancers (individuals, families, spouses, registered civil partnerships)
  • Corporate income tax returns for legal entities, capital companies
  • VAT returns, VAT advance returns for companies
  • Commercial tax returns for commercial businesses
  • Personal income tax declarations
  • Real estate valuation statements
  • Assessment notices for business partnerships
  • Inheritance tax returns
  • Gift tax returns

Tax returns present to tax authorities the information they require on the individual or legal entity to calculate the tax basis and to set the rate of tax. Tax returns usually require pre-printed forms as prescribed by the tax authority.


In addition, I can also support you in the following areas: